This is a picture I did not take

the same week as a press conference in Philadelphia next door to an adult book shop and across the street from a crematorium, and while walking a few days later in a city far away with our dog and our kid scooting his scooter, we encountered a bunch of tree bark in the sidewalk and our dog started to sniff the tree bark and pull the leash, scraping her nails on the sidewalk, and our kid's scooter got jammed-up with bark, and while reaching down to fix his scooter I looked at my neighbor's house -- they were getting a tree trimmed, and we need a tree trimmed, so while pulling bark from the scooter and telling the dog to chill, I turned to look at the tree-trimmer's truck, while standing between the tree they were trimming and their truck parked at the curb in the wrong direction with its driver-side door facing me, the side of the door said FOUR SEASONS LANDSCAPING.