This is a picture I did not take

of a leather-jacketed pimp, asking a woman in jeans and a flannel shirt standing on the corner, "do you work here?" while I was on my way home from seeing "Born Into Brothels".

This is also a picture I did not take minutes later, of three unrelated homeless folks (spaced blocks apart) who were all using makeshift fishing poles with cups attached to the string's end, to "hook" spare change from passerby.

And this is a picture I did not take of the second man I saw standing on his head today on the sidewalk in-front of Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, under the gaze of a bored cop. The headstander was drunk, and was apparently inspired by a pancake-sized copper circle in the sidewalk, upon which he tried to place his head, and immediately crumpled to the pavement, falling over into a line of people from the suburbs waiting to buy tickets to a Bob Marley Birthday concert.