This is a picture I did not take

of two twin girls wearing matching dresses with hats, standing in their driveway on a Sunday morning in the middle of an empty block of cookie-cutter houses, each with a small lawn out front, and the twins stand there waving at a man on a Vespa, while I'm the man on the Vespa, looking back at them, flummoxed and waving and tooting the horn twice, once for each, my Rolleiflex tucked in my glovebox, yet I'm stunned by how completely similar they look like these two, and less so these, two images I know as well as my name, and even with the camera, I don't stop but keep rolling in the way a movie keeps rolling when you wish it would stop and linger or at least turn around and go in a different direction -- and look closer at the two of them alive and waving, both of them smiling and one of them developmentally disabled on a beautiful Sunday morning near the beach beneath a cloudless sky.