This is a picture I did not take

of two grown men with beards grappling over a baseball hat flung from a PEPSI truck outside the Nashville Super Speedway on a Saturday afternoon, and the hat, which was a NASCAR freebie, had landed inches above the ground on the end of my foot, and I was holding it there, half-proud of how I'd moved my leg at the last second to catch the hat with my foot as you would catch a soccer ball, thinking heywow lookit, when both men, without hesitation, grabbed the hat at the same time, stealing it from my foot, which had kept it from hitting the ground, and had lifted it higher so neither would have to fully bend over to grab it, and they tugged it back and forth for long enough to make it appear like they might have to fight for it when one of their grips slipped and the other was left victorious, with a new blue hat, and neither man looked at each other or said anything, and both turned and walked away.