This is a picture I did not take

of a bride standing in the middle of Canal St. in New Orleans at midnight, lit-up by the headlights and honks of approaching cars, and the turning sirens atop a police cruiser, in which sat her groom, who was shown the back seat after being pulled over for revving his Pontiac at a stop-light, and then burning out to liven things up a bit on their way to the reception, but cops on Friday night don't always have a sense of humor, and quickly pulled the couple over, so quickly the Pontiac ran-up the curb onto the sidewalk, and when the cops found a plastic bag of something in the front seat and threw the groom in the cruiser, his bride, standing in traffic and holding her bouquet (her dress, an immaculate satin & shining in the police lights) had a look in her eye that said this whole marriage thing just might be going nowhere fast.