This is a picture I did not take

of a Muslim man, pushed to the limit by an evangelizing Christian, who swaggered in front of the Muslim, mocking Islam and calling the man schoolyard names, nor is this a photograph of the punch the Muslim man landed on the Christian man's ear, a punch thrown from behind, thrown hard enough to make the Christian man's eyes tear-up and start pleading that he wasn't disrespecting, and as the two of them fought their own small religious war on a street corner in Atlanta, three people stood quietly watching, looking-on from the safety of their slouches, they were waiting-for-the-bus before the fight and would be waiting-for-the-bus after so why make a fuss -- and two of the watchers weren't watching the fight really, but were looking down at the ground, at the fate of a box of chicken, that was suddenly, precariously, between the Christian and the Muslim, but had actually been there all along, quietly marking the spot where two men would have their own religious war, above a box of forgotten fried chicken.