This is a picture I did not take

of a bearded photographer on Oxford St. in London attempting to photograph an approaching dreadlocked man in a Santa hat, and upon realizing he was being photographed, the dreadlocked man in the Santa hat yelled at the bearded street photographer, coming in close saying, "No! Ask permission first!" to which the bearded street photographer meekly replied, "okay" while daintily re-inserting his earbuds to segue back into the groove of standing in one location on the busiest street in London awash with shoppers unaffected by the global recession, the bearded street photographer trawling for photogenic people like dreadlocked men in Santa hats who may be photogenic but won't make great photographs, as light that never really rose high enough to begin with ducked toward the thinnest kind of dusk you've seen on another northern December day.