This is a picture I did not take

of a Super-Sized bag of red Twizzlers thrown to the floor of a Kroger Supermarket on a Sunday morning by a man wearing a grey robe and sandals, the Twizzlers thrown as a diversion in the robed man's attempt to flee two security guards who'd seen him stuff the Twizzlers up his robe and who'd grabbed his arm and pulled him back inside the store to wait until the cops came, one of the security guards portly in his blue uniform, buttons on his shirt bulging as he turned to chase the robed man who'd suddenly freed himself from the guard's grip, the second guard undercover and more fleet of foot, Twizzlers sliding across Kroger's floor, suddenly unimportant in contrast to three men running out through the store's doors and across the parking lot, all the way to the main street where the man in sandals ran through a four-way intersection against the lights, successfully distancing himself from the two out-of-breath security guards on a bright Sunday morning.