This is a picture I did not take

of white smoke billowing from a firehouse, the garage doors flung-open, firemen standing in the smoky garage with their hands on their hips, looking at each other as if stunned by the fact that they're firemen standing in a firehouse filling with smoke while one of them reaches for the door handle of the fire engine, as if now's best idea would include driving the fire truck outside the garage to the sidewalk's hydrant where they could aim the truck's hose back at the firehouse; but that would be a different picture I didn't take, this one stayed stuck in the gauzy moment when the fireman reached for the truck's door while smoke exhaled out of the garage into the neighborhood, wrapping around the American flag on the firehouse lawn as a man in jean shorts walked by on the sidewalk carrying a bag of take-out BBQ, holding his nose as the smoke slowly engulfed him.