This is a picture I did not take

when I saw it unfold for the second consecutive day: a man standing in the middle of the street (coincidentally in front of a three-story-tall mural of a photograph by Richard Avedon) and each time I drove toward the man, I thought he was standing in the street taking a selfie with a large phone — standing right there in traffic, with a phone or tablet (with the Avedon mural behind him) taking a selfie in traffic which is something people do these days, but in the exact location and approximate time I'd seen him the previous day, 4:25 on a Tuesday, again on Wednesday; but as I drew closer, both days, the man's phone began to look different, and it wasn't until he was right in front of me that I realized he wasn't taking a portrait of himself that incorporated his face with the Avedon mural and the history of photography in the background — he was just standing in front of my car, looking at his own reflection in an ornate, hand-held, victorian-era mirror, stopping traffic.